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Selling Items
When an unexpected expense comes your way or an emergency arises, Eagle guns Inc is your quick cash solution provider. You may not realize how much money you can raise by selling your items or getting a loan using things you utilize every day. Selling your items to our pawn shop is a better option than having a yard or garage sale; you can get more cash without the trouble of selling your items for hours.
Wondering where to sell gold? Look no further than our pawn shops; we offer cash for gold at the best rates in North Carolina. Don’t be fooled by companies that ask you to send them gold via mail – you’d be risking losing your gold and the value of your items. We accept gold coins, scrap gold, gold jewelry, pieces of gold, and other precious metals.
Assessing Value
You can be certain that you will always get a fair and honest assessment at our Eagle Guns Inc Pawn store. When you bring in your merchandise, one of our knowledgeable staff members will walk you through the assessment process. Items are valued by uniqueness and worth, condition, preservation and authenticity and marketability.
Get Your Cash
To initiate a pawn loan in North Carolina or sell our brokers your items, you must provide a valid government issued license, picture ID, or U.S. passport. You must be at 18 years of age to engage in a pawn transaction. Getting a pawn loan in North Carolina, no matter what pawn shop you utilize, requires you to provide proof of age and residency.
The Fast Cash You Need Today
Pawn loans are the number one way people just like you get the fast cash they need. When an emergency comes along or when you are down on your luck, there is no better option to get a helping hand. Pawn loans are simple and easy, requiring very little to quality. 
Save for a Vacation Fund
Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation this summer? With a few slight adjustments to your spending habits,  you’ll have a vacation fund before the summer ends. You may even find you have enough money for other financial goals. 
Items We Accept
EZ Money Pawn accepts anything of value including, jewelry, scrap gold, electronics, musical instruments, firearms and much more.